Welcome to the Albanian Association of Consulting Engineers.

This is the home of all engineers operating in Albania, the home for the Albanian scientific thought contributing in the development of the country. Local or foreign consulting engineers based in Albania are welcome to join the Association in order to give their contribution.

Since 15 years the Albanian Association of Consulting Engineers has represented the voice of the sector locally and internationally. While the international events have helped us to get in touch with the recent developments in science and technology, the local meetings, seminars and conferences have given a significant contribution in bringing such experiences home to the Albanian engineers.

Our mission is: To maintain level of professionalism and standards in design and construction works in Albania by providing scientific backup and sustainable solutions.

Application for Papers

Authors are invited to send abstracts of their papers in English (250–300 words) by 15 April 2015.

Topics of the Congress

Development strategy of roads in albania Studies, designing and research institutions .... learn more

Dates, application

Application of papers (subject) April 15 2015 deadline for submission of abstracts (summary) ...learn more

Instruction for participants, fees

All professionals willing to participate as lecturers may apply by providing materials that fit with the Congress topics. Applications of papers (just title) are to be submitted .... more