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AACE – Albanian Association of Consulting Engineers was established on May 10, 2000, through a decision of the Law Court of Tirana no. 1428, date 10.05.2000, by a group of Albanian designers and consulting engineers.

AACE is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which represents consulting engineers and consulting firms across the country.

In September 2001 with the unanimous decision of the General Assembly of FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineer – Lausanne – Switzerland) AACE was admitted as a permanent member with full rights of this prestigious organization.

The main reasons why AACE exists are:

To protect the rights of private consultants in relation with the public or the private clients, by playing in a way the role of a syndicate of this sector.

To determine the criteria and the rights of granting licenses in the field of consultancy (consulting – design – supervision), establishing order, impartiality and fairness in this sector in favor of the rights of consultants.

To represent the scientific thought during projects of high importance for the country.

To be the only reference filter for Albanian consulting individuals and firms, preventing the penetration of “phantom” consultants from damaging the quality of projects but also the consultants’ market in Albania.

To support members in gaining their due respect by imposing equal treatment with foreign consultants in public and non-public works.

To protect and stimulate fair competition among engineers or consulting firms in the country, by playing the role of a truly impartial and fair mediator when the need arises.

To protect the rights of the Albanian engineering consultancy in relation to foreign firms or consultants, especially when foreign clients and international funding bodies such as World Bank, European Community, European Bank etc. are involved.

To protect consultants from copyright infringement; to lobby for the adoption of legislation on the recognition and protection of “copyright – intellectual property rights” in the field of engineering studies and design.

To support members and to assist the Albanian Government in building a fair and honest business relation regarding taxes and fees.

To adhere in the regional, European and Global organizations and represent the Albanian engineering consultants.

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All additional information can be obtained by contacting the Congress Coordinator.

Ms. Ira Kadare (Albanian, English, Italian) through the following contact details:

Tel/Fax: +355 4 222 56 50, Mob.: +355 66 20 32 608



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